Should I get my Kid a Dog?

How often do parents hear from their beloved children: “Mom, let's get a dog? I will take care of it myself! Walks on me! " And now you are faced with a choice - do you need to get your child a dog or not?

Immediately our imagination draws pictures - everywhere there are puddles on the floor, eaten shoes, bitten guests and loud barking in the middle of the night, daily walks at 6 AM?
It is unlikely that a beloved child will master the rise at such an early age and the future family member who will have to walk with the pup is of course, you. What if one of you is allergic to dog hair? How many questions arise at once, right?

A lot also depends on thepuppy training, and it doesn't matter if he is purebred or not. The most important thing is to understand that if you are ready to get a dog, then with a correct training of the pup, your child will not only get a wonderful friend for many years, but you will also gain many positive moments, and your child will learn a sense of responsibility for their actions.

Very often, children are happy to trust their fur friends with their innermost secrets, fears and problems. Parents themselves do not always notice in the work, everyday bustle that the child is disturbed by something, and in this case the children share their experiences with the dog, believing that the animal is always ready to listen to them and comfort them.

If you have never had pets in the house, at what age is it best for a baby to give such a friend and what breed is best to choose?

If the child is very small, of course, it is better to wait until he grows up a little. It is believed that in children the feeling of anxiety appears at the age of 5-7 years, and at this age it is already easier for them to explain that the dog is a living creature that needs care, that it also feels pain and resentment.
And in the future, having matured, the child will always remember his furry, first four-legged friend. If, nevertheless, you intend to have a dog at an earlier age, then wait until the child is at least 1-2 years old, since having a small child and at the same time a puppy in the house will cause a lot of different everyday problems.
Young children may, for example, be intimidated by the loud barking of a dog.

Let's pay attention to breeds, each breed has its own advantages.

For example, your child is very active, loves frequent walks, cycling and rollerblading, in this case it is worth considering such breeds as dalmatian, Jack Russell Terrier (remember the famous movie "The Mask"), these are active cheerful dogs that will run for days with your a child behind a bike and catching balls.
And for the girl it is best to give a long-haired breed so that your princess can tie her bows and make ponytails, breeds such as Yorkies or Maltese are suitable. Very often, in the matter of choosing a dog, we are limited by living conditions. Agree, not always in a small apartment you will start a large breed - a shepherd dog or a Doberman, since such dogs definitely need space. In this case, naturally, you will pay attention to dogs of smaller breeds, the advantages - such a dog will bring the least amount of trouble.

Wonderful Chihuahua, Toykas, Yorkies and Pomeranians can be litter-trained, which will allow your family to sleep in the morning on the weekend, and not reprimand the child: "Who promised to take the dog for a walk every morning?" Moreover, there is practically no smell from such dogs in the apartment!

But, if you have such a small pet, watch and control that a child grew up, for example, 5-6 years old, treats the dog more carefully, since children, playing too much, can inadvertently harm the animal - pull the tail and paws, strangle in the arms.

Do not be afraid to make a choice in favor of the child, with good training the dog will become a "teacher", first of all, it will teach such qualities as - honesty, the ability to forgive, loyalty, love and tolerance. Better your child will spend more time walking in the fresh air with a live friend than sitting for days at computer games.

We must not also forget about hygiene. The child should learn simple rules as soon as an animal appears in the house - always wash his hands before eating after playing with his beloved pet. If the dog has long hair, you need to comb it out every day, observations by the veterinarian are constant, in order to avoid any diseases, immediately wash their paws after walking, even if it is summer outside and it is hot, dry weather.

The dog should be taught that the child is more important in the house and it must respect and protect its little master.

Before getting a dog, weigh the pros and cons. Motivate your child to buy him a dog, but in return he will devote more time to lessons, help around the house, etc.

Be sure to find out as much information as possible about the breed, there are dogs that need to walk more than 2 hours a day. You should also be well aware that a lot of responsibility for the puppy will still fall on your shoulders. Ask the whole family for advice.

But believe us, you will never regret your choice to get a dog! With proper training and education, it will become a real family member for you, and a loyal and devoted friend to your child!