Hemp oil? What's that? Can I give it to my pup?

Hemp oil is a rare and valuable type of vegetable oil. The nutritional, dietary and industrial value of the product is considered several times greater than other vegetable oils (for example flaxseed oil). Hemp oil does not have any intoxication effect and has nothing to do with it.

Hemp Oil is the only 100% digestible oil in the body, it has a rich composition and can be and excellent substitute for any animal fat, including butter. The same rich composition has pine nut oil and it’s been recognized as the best vegetable oil.

The product is useful at any age and for absolutely everyone. Its versatility is explained by the content of fatty acids comparable to fish oil and varieties of oily fish. The rich composition of vitamins can replenish the lack of essential elements in your pet body and protect against diseases and aging. None of the oilseeds known in the plant world contains such a huge amount of organic compounds as a hemp seed oil.
Oil refers to effective, exclusively natural therapeutic and prophylactic agents.
The product retains all biologically active and beneficial substances, as made by pressing at low temperature.
For millennia, people have used hemp oil as a staple food. They replaced pork fat, sunflower oil and called “lean”. Being a primordially Slavic product, today hemp oil has become a star of foreign publications and programs, a “boom” in a vegetable oil marketing.

As you probably know, Omega is very good for pets and there are many  healthy ingredients (such as fish oil, seed oil or healthy algae) that provide dogs with full list of omegaBut did you know that cannabis is one of the best sources of omega available for you pup?

Cannabis seeds provide dogs with an almost perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making it one of the most natural and balanced ways to add omega to your dog's diet!

Take a look on a few of the many benefits of Omega supplements:

-Promotes overall hip and joint health.
-Healthy skin and a shiny coat
-It helps in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and a healthy immune response.

As you can see, omega fatty acids are essential in the diet of every healthy dog, and cannabis is one of the best ingredients to use.

In WonderPet Care Hemp Hip & Joint Soft Chews, we only use Organic Hemp Oil and Organic Hemp Powder for the best results for your pup.