How to become a friend with a tough dog

Probably one of the most effective ways to make your dog a very sociable pet is to give them time to socialize with people, children and other dogs. But for some of us there will be several reasons why we forget do it when he is still young. The most likely reason is that they simply do not have time for this, whether it be work or other priorities. This will lead to the fact that domestic dogs will become aggressive for almost everything and for everyone. In this article, we will discuss and share some tips on how to socialize an aggressive dog.

Yes, although your dog may have matured, they still have a great opportunity to become friendlier and less aggressive. It is about understanding the importance of dog socialization and why it is so important to learn how to socialize an aggressive dog.


One of the most effective ways to socialize your dog is to take the dog out so that every dog, person, or other type of pet that she sees and finds is equivalent to feed. This type of positive reinforcement formation can also be used with other teams, such as letting go or staying in place.

In addition to eating, you can also give other forms of positive reinforcement, such as praising you for being a “good girl” or “good girl” and giving some time to play. Of course, you can combine all these reinforcements in one. Positive reinforcement is much better and more effective in changing the underlying reasons why dogs become aggressive, rather than suppressing him.


Each dog should know who its teacher should follow. If you're giving your pet too much freedom, he will think that it is Alpha. When he thinks that he is Alpha at home, they will not treat you as a teacher, as you should, and then you will do what he wants, even be aggressive with others.

Set a healthy limit between you and your dog. When it is established that you are a teacher, he will begin to adhere to you and will wait for your order, and the signal will go away.

One action that can change this action is when the dog jumps and jumps at you or other people. Although it is very nice to see your dog jumping to greet you with a wagging tail and a wide smile, it is not very good for your visitors, especially for children who may be injured if your dog knocks them down.

Be alpha by not allowing this behavior. When he is about to jump on you, tell him that he is sitting or go out the door again. When he begins to behave, give him many compliments and even treats. In the end, your dog will realize that pet behavior is more beneficial than hyperactivity.


We cannot particularly emphasize the importance of joining a dog club for the good social health of your dog. Thousands of dog clubs exist across the country, and each of them has its own reasons for settling. But all dog clubs would agree that one of their goals is to get dogs to communicate with each other.

Dog clubs are a great place where you can teach your dog how to communicate with dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages. 

In addition, you can get tips and ideas on how to raise your dogs with other pet owners.

And these are tips on how to socialize an aggressive dog. Remember that, although it is good to have a pet next to you as a good companion, it is good, but it is still an animal that  needs to be tamed. When your dog is too aggressive, pay attention to it, praise, treat well and love to change your customs. And when. All this happens, expect your dog to become a more social and kinder for everyone.


Photo by Martin Castro on Unsplash


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