Is your dog ready for the winter? What kind of Paw Balm to choose for your pup?

Fur Coat

Let's start with the wool. During intensive shedding, do not delay styling, especially if the dog's coat is thick and dense. Confused, stop heating the animal as before, and the icy raindrops only aggravate the situation. So, don't be lazy at least a couple of times a week to organize a dog room along the way. By the way, veterinarians advise immediately after a walk to eliminate mini-cycles formed in long hair: do not wait until they melt.

 Dog Suit

 Yes, the opponents of the "dogs in suits" now sighed tiredly. But! First, even large dogs need clothes, at least waterproof or blankets, to walk calmly in bad weather to the snow. But rocks artificially bred in cold weather literally need at least jackets.


 And you went outside. Around the snow, fresh air ... The dog is happy, you are even more so. But it is at this time that the main problem lies in waiting for him: the reagents. And even if you walk on the treated asphalt to the nearest park in just a couple of minutes, this will be enough to hurt the dog's paws.

There are two main solutions: shoes and wax. As for shoes, not everything is easy, because most dogs refuse to walk with them, even if the owners get used to the puppies' clothes. The easiest option for the experiment: walking socks, which are firmly attached to the leg. The dog can get used to them faster and easier than hard shoes. And yes, pay close attention to the length of the claws, since in winter they don't grind like in summer.

 Well, if the idea with the shoes failed, buy at least one protective wax for the legs. It serves as a kind of barrier and does not allow pads to come into contact with aggressive reagents. The tool is economical: an average of $ 13-18, that is, very economical. And after a walk, we recommend using a special balm of $ 14-16.


You can always try our new Wow! Paw Balm from WonderPet Care to protect your dogs' paws this winter!


Photo by Jon Cartagena on Unsplash